Shipping Terms

When customers place orders from the Sefbuy website, it is part of the company fulfillment process to deliver goods right to the doorstep. But as a company policy. We have set up rules and procedures to control the shipping process.

Orders that are received within the central business districts, which include Kampala and Wakiso shall be processed with cash on delivery and other payment methods available. Under this region, customers are not required to make any prepayment before the good s are delivered to them.

Whereas orders received outside the central business districts of Uganda namely, Kampala and Wakiso shall require a customer to make a prepayment of 50 percent of the total product cost before goods are delivered to their door step. This has been put in place to ensure customer commitment during the purchase process. All payments outside the CBD’S should be processed with bank payment and mobile money payments using MTN or AIRTEL to transfer the funds.

Sefbuy Uganda offers deliveries outside Uganda. We have partnered with EMS Couriers under Posta Uganda to deliver goods to our customers outside Uganda. It will take varying times and periods under which customers may receive their orders due to the distance involved. International customers (customers outside Uganda) shall be required to make a full payment of the total product cost before goods are delivered to them. Payments can be processed using credit cards such as visa, Master card or American express. Customers around Africa can use mobile money payments such as MTN, AIRTEL or even SAFARICOM.

Sefbuy’s company name was derived from an acronym which stands for Safe, Easy and Fast. These are the three blocks on which the company operates. Safety of the customers products which means that are products under shipment are insured by the company. Easy which means customers can easily place the orders from the website and receive them in a timely fashion. Fast which means that orders are delivered to customers on time. Orders with the central business districts are delivered between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the location. Orders outside the central business districts are delivered within 48 hours while those outside Uganda are delivered within 3 to 7 working days.

Place in your order today from anywhere around the world and we shall deliver right to your door step safely, easily and fast.