Payment Terms

At, we have established a wide range of payment options to provide our customers with ease and a variety of choices while making their payments. The payments options accepted include;

  1. Cash on delivery.
    Here, customers pay cash after they receive their goods. It’s the simplest and fastest way to pay for goods. Customers should feel safe and free to transfer the funds to our trusted delivery men.
    This form of payment involves customers making payments using their phones. Customers can use any of the mobile carriers such as MTN, AIRTEL to make payments. Payments should me made from our website. At the checkout stage, customers should opt for SEFBUY PAYMENT. Then proceed to mobile payments and follow the prompts.
    Under this mode of payment, customers use credit cards to pay for goods on the Sefbuy website. These include VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. At the checkout page, customers should opt for SEFBUY PAYMENT and they choose whether to pay using visa, MasterCard or American express.
    Under this mode of payments, customers will make payments through the bank on our company account. The bank details are as listed below.Bank: Centenary Bank
    A/c name: SEFBUY LTD
    A/c number: 3100057477

N.B. All payments apart from cash on delivery and bank payments should be processed from the website.


Payments in installment are accepted at Sefbuy Uganda. Once a customer picks a product they desire from the website, they can proceed to place the order. We shall accept a 50% down payment of the total product cost and the balance can be completed in a period of not less than 3 months. Installment payments are strictly paid on the company account with the following details.

Bank: Centenary Bank

A/c name: SEFBUY LTD

A/c number: 3100057477.

N.B. The customer shall receive their product/s after completing the full payment.