Ginseng royal jelly.


Ginseng royal jelly.

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  • Anti-ageing 
  • Made in China
  • 1 box contains 10  bottles
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Dabu Yuanqi, Fumai Gutuo, Bupi Yifei, Shengjin Zhithirst, Anxiety and Intelligence
It has anti-tumor effect on immune function, anti-aging effect on material metabolism, endocrine system effect on central nervous system, etc.
Fresh royal jelly contains a certain amount of acetylcholine, which can play a health role in the human nervous system.
Royal jelly is rich in vitamin B and high quality protein, especially royal jelly acid with strong bactericidal activity, so it is a good drug for cancer treatment.
Royal jelly can promote hematopoietic function, increase hemoglobin, promote growth and improve disease resistance.
Royal jelly contains pantothenic acid, which can improve rheumatism and joint symptoms.
Royal jelly contains insulin-like peptides with the same molecular weight as bovine insulin, which can regulate the function of islets in diabetic patients.
Royal jelly can strengthen the function of adrenal cortex, regulate human hormones and activate mesencephalic cells, which is conducive to the treatment of menopausal disorders and chronic prostatitis.
Royal jelly can enhance the basic physical strength of the human body, activate the aging tissues of the human body, have good appetite, long spirit and good color after taking it.
Royal jelly contains peptide and protein health factors, which can promote intellectual development, so taking can improve memory.
Royal jelly contains protein hormones and natural antibiotics, which can prevent infection, promote cell formation and leave no scar after treatment.
Royal jelly contains a variety of inorganic salts, can promote the release of liver sugar, promote metabolism, so it can beauty, eliminate markings.
Royal jelly has a good effect on regulating blood lipids.
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